Jackson Wai Chung Tse 謝瑋聰 (he/she/they) is an international award-winning interdisciplinary artist and facilitator from Hong Kong, creating work in movement, poetry, theatre, voice, film, prose, music, and the healing arts. As a queer, non-binary, 1.5 generation immigrant-settler, Jackson’s intersectionality is reflected in their creative work, which explores intentional community building in polarizing times, reverence for the land, challenging the mainstream dominant paradigm, queer identities coexisting with cultural values, and Chinese diaspora in the West.
Jackson has created and performed for various national and international stages including the Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Vancouver), Queer Arts Festival (Vancouver), Intrepid Theatre (Victoria), The Calgary Stampede (Calgary), The Coming Out Monologues (Calgary), Blue Canoe Productions (Kingston, Ontario), REC Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), Lazare Dance Company (Tbilisi, Georgia), and Le Moule Dance Company (Guadeloupe, France).

Jackson is a graduate of Queen’s University, the National University of Singapore, and The University of the State of New York. Jackson is also a MEC Outdoor Nation Ambassador, and works with the brand to express their radically loving relationship with the land through a variety of media.

Jackson identifies as a person of colour to refugee parents, grew up in a low-income, suburban, and conservative home, and had a deeply religious upbringing. As a trauma survivor, they know the importance of giving people the power of choice. They try not to make any assumptions, and they take care to be completely present with the folks they are engaged with. Their facilitation experience comes from their roles at organizations across Canada and the globe, including Next Up, Power of Hope, the North Shore Multicultural Society, Camp fYrefly, Shad Valley International, Tim Horton’s Children’s Ranch, the Quantum Learning Network, the Centre for International Pedagogical Studies in France, the Ministry of Science and Education in Georgia, The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth, and numerous post-secondary institutions.

Jackson’s soul gets replenished from sharing food in conscious communities, spending time in nature, and expressing their creativity. In 2019, they are a participant in Playwright Theatre Centre‘s Block A program, developing a new collective verbatim theatre piece with immigrant, refugee, and international students for Green Thumb Theatre, walking as a model in Vancouver Fashion Week, premiering at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, and stepping into the position of BC Coordinator for the national Next Up Leadership Network. Connect with Jackson on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook @sonofjacky or by emailing jacksonwctse@gmail.com.

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