Jackson Wai Chung Tse 謝瑋聰 (he/they) is an acclaimed Hong Kong-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and facilitator based on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples, which include the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, also known as Vancouver, BC.

As a queer Asian immigrant growing up in Calgary, Jackson never saw positive representations of themselves represented in media, and felt that no one understood who they were.

In 2018, as a response to a lifetime of adversity and oppression, Jackson created the international award-winning mini-documentary, Breaking the Silence, featuring legendary multimedia artist Paul Wong, highlighting the discrimination felt by generations of queer Chinese migrants in Canada, and exploring the importance of taking space as non-dominant communities. In 2021, the film continues its circuit at festivals and screens across the globe: Portland, LA, London, and Thessaloniki. Paul Wong has shown the piece as part of all his artist talks in the past year: Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi, Richmond, Vancouver, Ottawa and have shared it on all his online platforms.

Exploring themes that include intentional community building in polarizing times, reverence for the land, challenging the mainstream dominant paradigm, queer identities coexisting with cultural values, and Asian diaspora in the West, Jackson’s work has been featured on many platforms, which include the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver Shorts Film Festival, the Arts Club, Queer Arts Festival, REC Filmfestival-Berlin, DailyHive, SAD Magazine, SingTao Newspaper, CBC Arts, The Frank Theatre, Vines Art Festival, and re:Naissance Opera.

Jackson’s depth of study with facilitation started in 2003, and now synthesizes and facilitates anti-oppressive, creative, and community workshops to foster safer spaces for collective healing. Their facilitation experience comes from roles at organizations across the globe, including the Centre for International Pedagogical Studies in France, the Ministry of Science and Education in Georgia, the Quantum Learning Network – Hong Kong, UBC Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) – Creative Writing Department, Queen’s University – Learning Strategies Department, University of Waterloo – Shad Valley International, Next Up Leadership Network Canada, Power of Hope Canada, Tim Horton’s Children’s Ranch, Camp fYrefly, Dancer’s Transition Resource Centre, Green Thumb Theatre, Out in Schools, Reel Youth, The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth, the North Shore Multicultural Society, and numerous festivals, conventions, and post-secondary institutions.

Featured in flagship stores and the front page of the brand’s website, Jackson was honoured to be selected as a Western Canada MEC Ambassador in 2018, and shared their story with MEC’s 30,600+ followers on Instagram, 15,600+ followers on Facebook, and 5.4 million+ members worldwide. In this position, they founded the QTBIPOC Artists in Nature Collective, with whom they facilitate workshops to build community and capacity with some of the most underrepresented in the queer community (queer, trans, two-spirit folks who are also Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour).

In 2020, Jackson was chosen as the recipient of the LOUD Business LGBTQ+ Scholarship Award, one of fifteen filmmakers in the Vancouver International Film Festival’s Catalyst Mentorship Program, and one of ten production trainees out of over 60,000 applicants in celebrity Ryan Reynold’s Group Effort Initiative. In 2021, they are excited to embark on a BC Arts Council mentorship with Netflix and SYFY series writer-director Karen Lam, share their stories on wide-ranging panels and podcasts, and work as a Reel Youth facilitator with the queer intergenerational Troublemakers Filmmaking Program.

Jackson continues to be an active and playful cultivator of process, creativity, and mindfulness. They dedicate their life to building community while reclaiming spiritual connection, joy, and self-worth back from colonized ideas.

Jackson is a graduate of Queen’s University, the National University of Singapore, and The University of the State of New York. Connect with Jackson on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook @sonofjacky or by emailing jacksonwctse@gmail.com.

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